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A craftsman second to none who has magnanimously taken Garhwali culture and customs on to the worldwide stage. Hema Negi Karasi (HNK) is a People vocalist, Maker and Proprietor of the Hema Negi Karasi ownership firm, a music creation house. Hema was brought into the world on 05 April 1984, who hails from a far off town Tukhinda in Rudraprayag region of Uttarakhand. Her process is one of legends and started when she was acquainted with society music by her mom at a young age.

Unadulterated enthusiasm has spurred her to stand apart among other society craftsmen by her one of a kind way of singing and performing people legends in customary Jaagar structure. Hema was constantly captivated by the presentation of Jaagar society artists and needed to find out about the expertise.

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Jaagar is one such type of strict execution which is an ideal orchestra of chiming in with conventional instruments like Damru and others to summon gods to come and shower their favors. Hema’s expert vocation has been loaded with high points and low points as she has wandered boldly in a male ruled field and ended up being a young symbol she is today. She has some expertise in Jaagar and conventional Himalayan society and she is an extraordinary ally and advertiser of customary people across India.

Hema Negi Karasi Photo

Hema Negi Karasi Photo

Hema is another age entertainer who grasps the significance of advanced age and hence she is broadly utilizing its assets in expanding mindfulness among the adolescent across the globe..

Hema’s abilities and commitment has been perceived by Uttarakhand by presenting various honors in the beyond twenty years. Likewise, she has been compensated at the public level and perceived globally. Numerous nations have welcomed her to perform to advise them about the practice and social legacy of the Devbhoomi. This long time, she accepts, is the ten years of youth and our country’s segment scene demonstrates that the young people of our state and nation have undiscovered potential which can be channelised into something noteworthy.

 Hema has resolved to utilize the energy of the young to take our social legacy higher than ever and is working determinedly with skilled young people of our hinterland. The goal is to give them a stage to show their expertise and follow them on the way to business achievement and profession development. She runs a creation house under the brand “HNK Movies” that has been conveying customary substance as society tunes and narratives.


“HNK Movies” under the aegis of HEMA NEGI KARASI is Uttarakhand based Creation House and The travel industry The board firm settled in the year 2010 at Dehradun to advance provincial Pahari culture and customs to the worldwide stage. Hema Negi Karasi is the pioneer and brand advertiser of HNK Movies , works sacrificially all through these exhausting a long time to show cast the special culture of Himalayas through her captivating and resonant voice and contacted individuals of Uttarakhand in and abroad.

The goals of HNK Movies are to bring interesting society of Uttarakhand Diaspora however combination People Culture and The travel industry. 

  • Social mindfulness and safeguarding by advancing people specialists and amazing instruments·
  • Giving stage to sprouting craftsmen in a joint effort with The travel industry experts.
  • Recognizing Legacy Destinations, protecting them according to standards and welcoming them on worldwide stage to grandstand our adaptable culture and increment the travel industry open doors.

As of now, HNK Movies is engaged with beneath exercises:

  1. Pahari/Uttarakhandi shows the nation over
  2. Abroad Show
  3. The Conventional Dress
  4. Vedic relationships
  5. Live shows on advanced media stage
  6. Short movies and Series
  7. Videography/Photography of legacy/strict areas
  8. Modified society tunes/Jaagar/Mangal verses and creation
  9. Creation house

Hema Negi Karasi Photo:




HNK Personal Information:
Full NameHema Negi Karasi
Date of BirthApril 05, 1984
Age38 Running
CommunityGarhwali Rajput
LanguageHindi, Garhwali, English
Birth PlaceTukhinda in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand
First VideoKatha Kartik Swami 2004
OccupationHimalayan Folk Singer, Producer & Director
Monthly Income$1500 monthly
Mother TongueGarhwali Dialect
Siblings2 brothers & 4 sisters and all of married
Father’s NameLate. Chandra Singh Negi
MotherMrs. Bachhi Devi (House-wife)
Spouse NameMr. Anil Karasi
HNK Relationship:
Marital StatusMarried
Daughter NameSakshi Karasi
HNK Qualification:
SchoolingGIC Kandai, Rudraprayag
Educational QualificationM.A in Political Science from HNB Garhwal University
Native PlaceVillage Tukhinda, Post Office Vijrakot, Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand
Permanent Address313/3, Vaibhav Vihar, Nawada, Dehradun Uttarakhand 248005
Tel. Nos. +91 9760788630
Hema Negi Karasi Weight and Height 60 KG
Height5’3 FT (162 CM)
Eye ColourLight Black
Hair ColourLight Brown
Body TypeSlim

Hema Negi Karasi  Album& Music Videos:

  • Chal basanti mela jola
  • Jag Nanda
  • Maa Chandika Bhawani
  • Jaseeli hwei maa Chandika  
  • Sanju Ka Baba 
  • Jai chandika 
  • Teri Mukhdi
  • Sem Nagraja Jagar
  • Man Ma kutgyali
  • Mohana Gelya
  • Giratoli ( Gir Genduwa – 2)
  • Damrudhari Bhola Bhandari
  • Makhmali Ghagari
  • Hasuli
  • Uttarakhandi Mangal Geet
  • Guddu Ka Baba
  • Aachari Jaager
  • Meri Bamani
  • Hema Negi Karasi Hits
  • Meri Anju
  • Janam Bhumi
  • Sobanu
  • Chandra bau
  • Jai Ma Bhagirathi
  • Bagchat Man 
  • Namami Gange
  • Dhol Baje
  • Narsingh Jager
  • Jai Devi Nandula
  • Meri Rajula
  • Jay Nanda
  • Baas Myoladi
  • Khela Jhumelo
  • Bala Mohana Jaagar
  • Bahalu Lagudu Meru Muluk
  • Gir Genduwa
  • Chanmla Chou
  • Meri Prani
  • Mena Bouji
  • Mithu – Mithu Bolik
  • Neelima
  • Dil Udi Batho Ma 
  • Kya Bwan Tab
  • Maa Maithhana Maayi
  • Katha Kartik Swami ki
  • Uttarakhandi Hoor

Hema Negi Karasi delivered and coordinated Music Recordings:

  • Jai Bhole

HN Karasi Social Media Handles:

  1. Youtube:
  2. Facebook Page:
  3. Twitter:
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  5. Instagram:
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  7. Google penal:

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